Sometimes, you are very lucky when a unique person comes in to your life that makes an immediate and lasting impact on you. Sometimes, you are stunningly blessed to have this person just enter your life for a moment. Such a person was Troy. Troy Moody was a truly good person – a man without pretense – a man who was best described as gentle and kind, with a whopping sense of humor and an impish grin and a sparkle in his eyes.

When you were with Troy, in a crowded room, he would make you feel as if you were the one in the room making other people feel good about themselves. It was magic. He was gracious and generous with his wonderful spirit and you in turn would take on his aura and spread it around. Magic.

Troy was killed in a motorcycle accident May 19. His loss is terrible beyond words. Although I haven’t seen him in several years, his impact on my life has been vibrant. I think of all the people he has stood with at meetings, or who have sat at one of his seminars, or used his firm for some trial or some court case and I think about all the parts of Troy that are imprinted on each and every person he touched. He’s gone from my world, but he is also ever-present. I have friends I met through Troy, and I have friends who have worked with Troy, and every one of us has been eternally changed by his simply being in the same room for a moment in time. And I think of all the people I have not met, throughout the world, that have been touched by an interaction with Troy and then I know, we are not alone. He is there, in each one of us, straddling the whole world.

Sometimes, we are lucky and we meet a man, filled with God, who leaves a lasting impression of life, of life out loud, totally and innately good and true. Such was Troy Moody, my friend.

Oregonian Obituary

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